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Ghostpine Environmental Services helps clients manage environmental priorities with an agile approach that keeps projects on schedule and budgets on track.

We cross-train our experienced staff for increased efficiency without sacrificing quality

This allows us to get more work done with fewer people, results in higher quality deliverables, and ensures we take a big picture view of your challenges regardless of the size or phase of your project.

Our deep and broad regulatory expertise is integrated in our operations

Our Planning group is composed of senior, knowledgeable regulatory experts.  Our project managers can answer your questions because they leverage their regulatory understanding to keep the team focused on the right priorities during project execution.  We have a strong commitment to monitoring regulatory changes in western Canada and actively work to keep our whole team’s knowledge current.

We take a pragmatic approach to scoping our solutions

We believe it is our job is to advise you on what you must do, as well as what you likely don’t need to do to provide the regulator with everything required to make a timely decision. We fully support your commitment to responsible development, and we scope our work to ensure project risk is managed and balanced with the investment required.

Our independent practice is owned and managed here in western Canada

We don’t take orders from a distant head office, and we aren’t burdened with the significant overhead of a practice with offices outside our region. Our leadership team makes decisions based solely on what is right for our clients, and our advice is completely independent and free of any conflicts with related divisions or departments.

Let’s Work Together

We take a pragmatic approach to scoping projects and providing solutions.
With our depth of experience, Ghostpine is proud to offer our clients timely, reliable, cost-effective, and balanced environmental solutions through the entire life-cycle of your project; from initial planning stages, throughout construction, commissioning and operation, to remediation, reclamation and decommissioning.

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