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At Ghostpine, we believe that planning and communication during the early stages of a project is critical to avoiding potential environmental issues. That is why we work with the client, project engineers, surveyors, and land agents early in the planning process to identify the issues, and to offer informed, cost-effective solutions.

Planning Services:

  • Environmental Planning and Assessment
  • Environmental Management System
  • Feasibility Study
  • Environmental and Socio-Economic Studies
  • Desktop Review
  • Public Consultation Support
  • Historical / Heritage Resources Overview
  • Geographic Information System Support
  • Cumulative Impacts Assessment

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Environmental Planning & Assessments

Environmental Planning and Assessment

Initial routing and siting of wellsites, pipelines and access roads are identified, and viable alternatives are also identified. Routing of pipelines and access roads are chosen to minimize length where possible, while considering environmental factors. Further honing of the route and scoping of project issues are undertaken through government contact and consultation, background information reviews, public consultation, and multi-disciplinary studies (i.e., soil assessments, wildlife surveys, archaeological investigations and vegetation surveys).

To efficiently and accurately establish the route and to determine if re-routes/adjustments are required, a field trip may be necessary. Supplementary field studies, such as wildlife surveys may also be recommended. Once background information is synthesized and routing is selected, Ghostpine prepares an EPP (Environmental Protection Plan) report and identifies areas to be addressed during the construction, reclamation and operation phases of the project. Post-construction reclamation monitoring may be warranted to ensure that measures outlined in the EPP were undertaken/addressed.

"Planning and communication during the early stages of a project is critical to avoiding potential environmental issues."


Geomatics Services : GIS & Cartographic

Utilizing the ESRI ArcGIS suite of products, Ghostpine offers a full range of in-house GIS and cartographic services. Our in-house programming capability allows us to provide customized client driven automated mapping and analysis functions to meet project specific needs in an innovative and timely manner.

Available Services:


  • Project Overview mapping for route/site selection.
  • Environmental Photomosaics and Alignment Sheets.
  • Post-Construction and Reclamation mosaics.
  • Automated LSAS mapping.
  • Full colour, high resolution large format plotter and laser reproduction.
  • Custom mapping and design.

Project Overview Maps:

By combining a large collection of geological, hydrological and government data we produce maps designed to identify project-related environmental issues easily and accurately.  


Our Data Layers Allow Us To:

  • Query generalized soils and topographic information.
  • Determine land use and vegetation cover.
  • Create and query slope, aspect and digital elevation models.
  • Display project intersections with areas of environmental and archeological importance.
  • Determine wildlife zoning, Codes of Practice ratings for watercourse crossings, areas with restrictive notations and other relevant information.

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