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Environmental Inspection & Monitoring

Ghostpine has focused on environmental consulting in various sectors throughout western Canada. Particular emphasis is placed on working cooperatively to identify ways to ensure the protection of the environment, thus meeting regulatory compliance. In many cases during project development having an environmental inspector on site throughout the construction process helps to ensure that any environmental issues are proactively addressed, minimizing proponent risk and liability.


Having an Environmental Inspector on-site during construction ensures that environmental issues are addressed proactively, minimizing proponent risk and liability.

Ghostpine can provide environmental inspection services for construction and clean-up activities to ensure compliance with appropriate environmental regulations, practices and codes. Environmental Inspectors often act as liaisons between regulators, contractors and landowners to provide the resolution of issues encountered during the construction process. 


Inspection Services: 

  • Traffic, Waste & Noise Management
  • Weed Management
  • Fuel and Hazard Materials Spills
  • Fire Contingency
  • Soil Handling & Erosion Contingency
  • Historical Resources Act
  • Wildlife, Fish Habitat and Rare Plants
  • Wetlands, Drainages and Watercourse Crossings
  • Trespass Violations

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Clubroot Management 

Photo by Valerie Sowiak*

The assessment and control of club root is becoming important for energy companies looking to site or route projects on agricultural land.  Clubroot is a soil borne fungus which can lie dormant for years and has recently gained a stronghold in Central Alberta agricultural lands.  The Clubroot fungus attacks the roots of crucifer-type plants producing disfiguring galls and has the potential to devastate canola crop production in particular, reducing yields by as much as fifty percent.  Municipal and Provincial authorities are increasingly looking to project proponents to limit spread of clubroot with management plans that require  soils testing, vegetation assessments and construction and post-construction mitigations such as equipment cleaning stations.

Ghostpine has the experience to help you prepare and implement a clubroot management plan.  We have worked on several projects which required the development of clubroot management plans, cleaning station (i.e., mechanical, chemical, and steam) inspections and clubroot testing. Contact our office if you have any questions about the potential for Clubroot infestations or management plan for your project area.

*The source of the materials is The use of these materials by Ghostpine is done without any affiliation with or endorsement by the Government of Alberta. Reliance upon Ghostpine’s use of these materials is at the risk of the end user.

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