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Oil and Gas Transportation

With over years of experience, Ghostpine Environmental Services Ltd. (Ghostpine) is proud to have established itself among the leading firms in Western Canada providing key environmental services for upstream and midstream pipeline operators. Our sector portfolio includes experience in regulatory planning, environmental assessment and support, and environmental consulting for oil and gas pipeline construction projects. 

Pipelines and facilities for the transportation of raw or refined petroleum products play a vital role in western Canada’s Energy Industry.  As such, Ghostpine has developed extensive in-house expertise in regulatory planning and environmental assessment for pipeline projects in the planning, construction, post construction and reclamation phases.  Our continuous presence in western Canada has provided us with the opportunity to work on thousands of kilometers of small and large diameter pipelines for a variety of client pipeline projects, from short feeder lines to larger more extensive , in-province, and trans-boundary pipelines.

From pre-construction site assessments to regulatory monitoring, inspections, and audits, Ghostpine is ready with the expertise required to support you through your project life cycle.  Our team of highly skilled environment professionals are ready to address any situation, providing sound, scientifically defensible solutions for environmental regulations and compliance.

Contact us today to find out more about how our range of comprehensive services and experience can ensure that each of your pipeline project development needs are addressed in a balanced, timely, and cost effective manner. 

Ghostpine is ready to provide you with the following field services and documentation required for energy pipeline activities and operations:

  • Conservation and Reclamation Reports (C&R) for Class 1 Pipelines
  • Environmental Assessments (EA) for BC EAO Process
  • Environmental Protection Plans (EPP) 
  • Screening Reports (Saskatchewan) 
  • Environmental Field Reports (EFR) 
  • Pre-construction Site Assessments / Reconnaissance Surveys 
  • Environmental Audits 
  • Wildlife and Habitat Inventories / Evaluation 
  • Fisheries Assessment & Monitoring
  • Biophysical Studies 
  • Reclamation Services 
  • Spill Response
  • National Energy Board (NEB) Section 52 and Section 58 Applications 
  • Post Construction Reclamation Assessments (PCRA) 
  • Watercourse Crossing and Channel Restoration Assessments 
  • Water Act Applications for Approval
  • Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) Plans 
  • Construction Monitoring 
  • Environmental Inspection
  • Historical/Heritage Assessments and Mitigation (AB and Sk)
  • First Nations Consulting (FNC)
  • Government Audits
  • Schedule A and B Assessments (BC)
  • Section 9 Changes in and About a Stream Applications (BC)
  • Short Term Use of Water Applications (BC)
  • Caribou Protection and Mitigation Plans

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