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Ghostpine Proudly Sponsors Mitch Sutherland in the 2017 CS Rangeland Derby

This year, the black-and-yellow tarp will be passed from father to son. Mitch Sutherland showed everyone last year that he's got the Rangeland Derby pretty much figured out...yet he wasn't able to push past the Ghostpine tarp. Now the power of the yellow paint is on his side, and we're excited to see what he does with it.

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Kirk Sutherland Wins the 2016 Calgary Stampede Rangeland Derby

We've known Kirk a number of years now, and have certainly watched the CS Rangeland Derby throw everything it has at him. Winning in Calgary was always within his reach, and we knew it was just a matter of time.

That time was 1:16.74.

Throughout the week, Kirk built up momentum. The rain fell, the mud flew, but the barrels stayed up and his wagon kept getting faster. By night ten, he'd won the Richard Cosgrave Memorial Award, the CS Safety Award and was staring down the barrel of a $100,000 payday. His closest competition in the Dash for Cash was his son, Mitch. Now, he wasn't about to let the boy win on account of familial sentiment, but he did pull far enough ahead that Mitch didn't have to eat too much of the mud coming off the Ghostpine wagon.

Congratulation, Kirk. You raced a heck of a race and we were honoured, as always, to be a part of it.


We'd also like to thank the following folks for helping make the magic happen:

first impressions First Impressions for all of our jackets, shirts, and bandanas.

GEC logorefresh Great Events Catering for delicious food, every time.

30 year logo final Autographics for giving Kirk's wagon the Ghostpine touch. 


49th Annual Calgary Pathway and River Cleanup

Ghostpine kicked off the month of May with a little Spring cleaning. We sincerely appreciate all the volunteers who help keep our city looking beautiful each year. Good work!

2016 River Cleanup

Ghostpine is Once Again Proud to Sponsor Kirk Sutherland in the 2016 CS Rangeland Derby

Always eager to support our western heritage, Ghostpine is proud to once again team up with Captain Kirk Sutherland; a world-class wagon skinner, competitor, and all-around great guy. Times may be tough in our Province, but Stampede is where we show the world what Albertans are made of. If there's ever any question, just keep your eyes on the trusty black and yellow wagon. Best of luck, Kirk!

CS 2015

ALERT: Jimson weed reported in Alberta

Three cases of Jimson weed infestation have been reported in Alberta canola fields. The weed is a somewhat recent addition to the Alberta ecosystem, and can be deadly to humans and livestock if any portion of the plant is consumed. The Canola Council of Canada is not considering the presence of this weed within canola fields to be a threat to humans due to the heating process involved in producing canola oil and canola meal. It should be stressed that the plant can prove dangerous if present in other crops or if consumed directly.

While Jimson weed is a manageable species, it is certainly not desirable due to its extremely toxic properties. It is advised that if the weed is discovered, that it be reported to Alberta Agriculture or a weeds specialist so it can be isolated and eradicated. With a little diligence, the spread of this weed can be halted in Alberta.

1"Jimsonweed not a threat to canola oil, meal safety – Alberta ..." 2015. 24 Sep. 2015

2 "Canadian Poisonous Plants Information System ..." 2014. 24 Sep. 2015


Ghostpine Proudly Sponsors Kirk Sutherland in the 2015 CS Rangeland Derby

Ghostpine will once again be the name to beat as World Champion Kirk Sutherland dons the black-and-yellow tarp. The Calgary Stampede is a cornerstone of our Western Heritage, and the Rangeland Derby is the very heart of this long tradition. We're proud to support Kirk and his team of athletes, and hope that everyone can make it out to cheer them on as history is made.

CS 2014

Ghostpine Environmental Services Ltd. Announcement

Team Spartan VS. Team Honey Badger

Calgary, Alberta – Two unlikely adversaries entered the Laser Quest arena on the 6th of December, 2014 – a date that will forever live in infamy for some, and will mark the start of 365 days of bragging for others. Spirits were high as the competitors faced-off to do battle. Much had been said that could not be unsaid, and each side sincerely wanted to deliver on their (sometimes unexpectedly graphic) threats. The rules were handed down; one-second restart when hit (followed by a bunch of nonsense about safety and sportsmanship). What then transpired was absolute pandemonium.

Badgers and Spartans locked lasers in three furious battles of savagery and subterfuge. Each time the smoke cleared, and each time the Spartans emerged victorious. Outnumbered and outgunned, the Spartan line could not be undone. Well won, Spartans!*

*(especially the Spartan women who proved to be their most devastating contingent, and [let’s be honest] carried that team)


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